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Zhongyang Street in China, Harbin Resort

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This street is one of the symbols of the city. Among Russian tourists it is known as Arbat. The street begins on the Sungari embankment, at the entrance to Stalin's park, and ends at the intersection with another street – Jingwei Jie. Its length is 1450 meters, and its width is – 21.34 meters with sidewalks. In 1997, a decree was issued banning traffic on the street. Since then, Zhongyang – the longest pedestrian street in Asia.

Today, there are many hotels, more than 120 specialty shops, as well as a large number of cafes and restaurants.

Previously, there was a river bed here. When the city was just beginning to be built, carts with building materials drove along this track. The street was named Kitayskaya, as it was mainly occupied by Chinese workers, as opposed to Japanese or Russian streets. Wooden sidewalks were built on the street so that people could somehow move along it. In the rainy season, the street became simply impassable due to the mud.

Despite the fact that many Russian shops and shops opened along the street, it remained impassable for a long time. However, in 1924 it was paved, and it immediately acquired a different look.

In the 1920s, the street was renamed Tsentralnaya. There are still about 70 European-style buildings preserved here. Many houses have been renovated some time ago.  

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Topic: Zhongyang Street in China, Harbin Resort.Zhongyang Street in China, Harbin Resort

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