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Jorvik Viking Museum, York Resort, UK

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ImageThe Jorvik Viking Museum is a unique museum in York established by the York Archaeological Fund. The history of the museum begins in 1976, when excavations were carried out by the Archaeological Fund on the site of the future construction of a large shopping center Coppergate, as a result of which many discoveries and finds were made. In particular, fragments of wooden structures were found: houses, workshops, cattle pens, fences and toilets; numerous metal and ceramic items, bones. Among other things, objects of leather, wood and fabric were found, perfectly preserved in moist clay, isolated from the air. In total, about 40,000 different items were found in these archaeological sites. In this regard, the city authorities decided to recreate the Viking city in this place, populating it with people and, if possible, reproducing the sounds, smells and atmosphere of the Viking life. Today, the visitor to the Viking Museum miraculously falls into the X century, just entering the territory of the museum. For children and adults, there are daily interactive performances on themes from the life of their ancestors. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Jorvik Viking Museum, York Resort, UK.Jorvik Viking Museum, York Resort, UK

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