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Castle Compton in Great Britain

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ImageThis fortified castle is located 8 kilometers west of Torquay, in Devon. For a long time, the castle was owned by the Gilbert family, but in 1951 Compton was transferred to the National Trust of England. Compton was built quite late, in the XIV century. It consisted of one hall with utility rooms, but already in 1520 the castle was rebuilt under the leadership of John Gilbert. According to legend, it was here that John's half-brother Walter Raleigh smoked the first tobacco pipe. By the 18th century, the castle was badly dilapidated, but it was only restored in the 1950s, when the National Trust took over the castle. By the way, the castle was with other owners for a long time - in 1785 it was sold, and the Gilberts were able to redeem it only in 1931. When the castle was transferred to the National Trust, the Gilberts agreed that they would also occupy the castle. In 1995, some scenes of Ang Lee's Sense and Sensibility were filmed at the castle.

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Topic: Castle Compton in Great Britain.Castle Compton in Great Britain

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