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Gmund in Austria, Lower Austria resort

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Gmund is a medieval town located in the northwestern part of Lower Austria.

The town was first mentioned in documents dated 1208. The city flourished during the reign of Franz Joseph. At the end of the 19th century, a railway was built through the city, connecting Gmund with Prague and Vienna.

Nowadays the city is visited by many tourists every year, attracted by medieval buildings and cobbled streets. The main attractions of Gmund are the 16th century Old Town Hall, Hauptplatz Square, the Porsche Museum and the Glass Museum.

Glass Museum was founded in the 1960s. Today, the exposition of the museum presents glassware XVII – XX century, stained glass windows, and tells the history of a local glass factory.

The Porsche Automobile Museum is the first private automobile museum created by the collector Helmut Pfeichofer. The museum was opened in May 1982. Today, the museum displays 48 different car models.

There is a picturesque natural park in the city, which opened back in 1964. Giant granite boulders of different sizes and shapes are especially interesting. Various routes and themed trails run throughout the park. The former reservoir tower is the highest point in the park.

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Topic: Gmund in Austria, Lower Austria resort.Gmund in Austria, Lower Austria resort

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