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Porsche Museum in Germany, Stuttgart Spa

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The Porsche Museum is a unique exhibition complex that contains exhibits of the Porsche automobile brand, telling about the history of its creation and development. The museum is located in Stuttgart, in the Zuffenhausen district.

The museum was opened in 1976, and in 2009 the museum moved to a new modern building.

The founder of Porsche was the carmaker Ferdinand Porsche, then his work was continued by his son Ferry.

The history of the sports car of this brand began in 1948 with the appearance of the legendary Porsche 356. Today the Porsche brand occupies leading place in the world.

Thanks to shareholders, customers and fans of Porsche, a museum has been opened in the city that tells about the unique past of this car brand.

Today the Zuffenhausen district is considered the birthplace of Porsche. The legendary `` Beetle '' was also created here. VW and Porsche 64 – the progenitor of sports cars. In 1950, the first cars bearing the Porsche emblem appeared in the suburbs.

In 2004, the project for a new museum building in the Zuffenhausen district was approved by the Porsche Management Board. Construction began in October 2005. The central part of the building and foundations were completed by early 2007, and by the end of the same year, the steel structures supporting the exhibition hall were completed. The opening of the museum took place in early 2009.

For the convenience of tourists, special audio guides have been created, available in several languages, which can be obtained at the ticket office of the museum.

Today there are about 450 exhibits in the museum. Here you can see world-famous specimens and interesting technical achievements of F. Porsche.

The museum is divided into three main exhibitions – Product Istria, Porsche Idea and 'Thematic exhibitions'. Exhibition `` Idea Porsche '' will tell visitors about the philosophy, values and history of the company. At the exhibition `` Product History '', you can find out   chronological history of sports cars. 'Thematic exhibitions' will tell you about the most important stages in the history of the development of Porsche.

Everyone can visit the Christophorus restaurant, where the chef will prepare an order in front of visitors. There is a coffee shop in the lobby of the museum, where you can also relax and dine.


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Topic: Porsche Museum in Germany, Stuttgart Spa.Porsche Museum in Germany, Stuttgart Spa

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