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ImageBletchley Park is a mansion located in the British town of Bletchley in the central county of Buckinghamshire. However, the mansion gained its fame under the code name Station X, because it was here during the Second World War and the Cold War that the Government School of Codes and Ciphers, or the Government Communications Center, was located, which was engaged in decrypting and breaking the secret codes of enemy forces. At the end of the 19th century, the Bletchley Park mansion was the apartment building of the Leon family. The head of the family, Herbert Samuel Leon, being a very popular politician, made this place famous and expanded the boundaries of his possessions. After the death of the owners, the mansion was acquired by Captain Faulkner, who was going to clear the area and build it up again, but then the British government paid close attention to the mansion. It was during this period that the threat from fascist Germany increased significantly, which prompted the British government to place its intelligence branches in a place safer than the capital. Bletchley Park was well suited for this purpose due to its good location at the intersection of rail, telegraph and postal lines. Thus, already in 1939, the best specialists in decrypting messages transmitted from listening stations (Y-stations) throughout Britain and abroad were transferred to the mansion under the pretext of an unfolding hunting campaign. Especially for their work, a number of small houses were built on the territory of the mansion, numbered and each served for its own purpose. To the merits of the workers of the reconnaissance station in Bletchley Park belongs to the decryption of the most complex and perfectly protected Enigma cipher created by the Germans, the creation of the world's first electronic computer COLOSS (inventor Tommy Flowers) and a machine for breaking Bomba ciphers (creator Alan Turing), etc. Thanks to intensive work , managed to intercept the communication of the ground and air forces of Germany, and also make a significant contribution to the fight against German submarines. After the end of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War, all information related to Bletchley Park was classified and only by the end of the 80s the intelligence services finally left the territory of the mansion. However, it was decided to keep it as a museum of encryptors and computer technology. So Bletchley Park was declared a Historical Reserve. Today there is a trust that supports the existence of the museum.

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