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St Michael's Hill in Great Britain

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ImageSt. Michael's Hill is a natural elevation of 145 meters and is located near the ancient city of Glastonbury in the English county of Somerset. On the hill stands alone the church of St. Michael, built in the Middle Ages and without a roof and therefore looks like an ordinary tower. The church was damaged by an earthquake in 1275 and rebuilt in the early 1300s. And her work stopped during the secularization of the monastic possessions under Henry VIII. Right there, on the hill, the last abbot of Glastonbury was hanged in 1539. The hill is covered with seven man-made ledges that resemble giant steps. Locals consider these protrusions to be the remains of an ancient Celtic labyrinth. Archaeologists who investigated this place concluded that even in the III century BC. e. there was a fairly large settlement of the Celts, and in the V century. n. e. there was a fortress. During the floods, which are frequent in the local marshy regions, the hill turned into an impregnable island. Despite its seemingly unremarkable appearance, St. Michael's Hill attracts a huge number of visitors. Such popularity is due to the huge number of legends, beliefs and legends that surround this unusual place. For example, one of the legends connects the hill with the land of the fairies Avalon and with the stories of King Arthur. It is believed that the hill is a portal to a magical world. It was rumored that even sarcophagi with the remains of King Arthur from his wife Guinevere were found nearby. There is also a myth that a giant astrological sign was carved on the earth, but this theory has not been confirmed. Today, the Hill of St. Michael as a national monument is looked after and monitored by the National Fund, visiting it is absolutely free.

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Topic: St Michael's Hill in Great Britain.St Michael's Hill in Great Britain

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