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Museum Carnavale in France, Paris resort

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Carnavale Museum – aka the Museum of French History is one of the most interesting Parisian museums.

The museum is located in the 3rd administrative district of Paris, in the building of a medieval mansion. The mansion was designed by one of the main architects of the Louvre, Pierre Lescaut. Construction was carried out in the period from 1548 to 1560. In 1578, the mansion was acquired by a noble widow, after whom he was later named.

Over the centuries of its history, Carnavale changed many owners. This mansion became known throughout France in the 17th century, when the writer Madame de Sevigne settled in it.

At the end of the 18th century, as a result of the Great Revolution, the mansion was stripped of all personal names, and until the middle of the 19th century, the Paris School of Bridge Building was located here.

The Paris municipality bought the building from the hands of the owners only in 1889- m year, it was decided to make a historical museum of Paris inside the building, as well as to give some of the premises to the funds of the National Library.

Today in the museum you can see unique photographs of old Paris, as well as get acquainted with household items of Parisians, starting from the 16th century. Since 1989, not only the Carnavale mansion has been considered a museum, but also the neighboring mansions recognized as objects of architectural heritage.  

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Topic: Museum Carnavale in France, Paris resort.Museum Carnavale in France, Paris resort

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