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Queens House in the UK, London Resort

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ImageQueens House is a building erected in the 17th century by the famous architect Inigo Jones in London, Greenwich. It is the only building left from the Greenwich Palace located in these places. Queens House is called the cornerstone of the architectural traditions of Great Britain and, moreover, the palace building is the earliest example of the Palladian style in the country. The residence is reminiscent of the famous Medici Villa located in Poggio a Caiano, probably it served as an example for the architect. "Queen's House", as the literal translation of Queens House, looks like a not very large two-story building, made with minimal decor. The residence windows overlook the Thames. The palace was originally built for Queen Anne of Denmark. Then the building became part of the palace complex of Henry VIII. The palace, as we see it now, became in 1635 during the restructuring of Queens House for Henrietta Maria. Then the master from Italy, Orazio Gentileschi, specially made beautiful shades for the residence. They have survived to this day and are now in the city center at Marlborough House. Most of the interior of the palace chambers has been lost over the centuries. In the 18-19 centuries, the residence was used for the needs of the Admiralty, and a naval college was located there. A large-scale restoration of Queens House was carried out only at the end of the 20th century. In 1997, the palace and the building surrounding it were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2001, the residence was reorganized to showcase art collections. Queen House attracts tourists not only with its rich history and interesting architecture. According to local legends, real ghosts live in this residence. In 1966, a photographer took a picture of one of the palace's ancient staircases. Having developed the film, he found on it a foggy figure who climbs the stairs, clutching the railing with his hands. At the same time, Queen House employees said that eerie things had repeatedly happened in the palace - footsteps were heard in deserted rooms, children's singing, chilling blood, and they also saw a certain woman who washed blood from the floor. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Queens House in the UK, London Resort.Queens House in the UK, London Resort

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