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Blenheim Palace in the UK

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ImageBlenheim Palace is the ancestral estate of the dynasty of the Dukes of Marlborough, which still exists today. This is one of the largest palace and park ensembles in Britain. This place is located in Oxfordshire, on the edge of Woodstock. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. The construction of this luxurious English palace was carried out from 1705 to 1724 for the first duke of Malbor and his wife Sarah. The duke was a national hero, as he won a resounding victory over the French troops at the Battle of Blenheim (hence the name of the palace). It was decided to build the manor as close as possible to the previously destroyed Woodstock medieval royal palace. Architects John Vanbre and Nicholas Hawksmoor designed the estate in a rather unusual Baroque style for England. Since the Duke's wife Sarah was friendly with Queen Anne, the latter ordered that the construction of the palace be paid for by the state treasury. However, soon after the quarrel between the ducal couple and the queen, the sponsorship ceased, and from 1714 the duke had to finish building a luxurious estate with his own money. The architect Vanbre wanted to make Blenheim a true monument to England's national glory. However, the Duchess Sarah had slightly different ideas about beauty. It was at her insistence that the too gloomy remains of the royal palace were demolished. Nevertheless, a 41-meter Victory Column appeared in the park, and a triumphal arch was installed at the entrance to the estate. The famous landscape park of the palace was occupied by Lancelot Brown. The trees planted then have grown by now, creating lush green alleys and bizarre labyrinths with secret secluded corners. There is a fishing pond in the garden. Due to financial difficulties at the end of the 19th century, the Marlborough family had to sell a number of family jewels, as well as books from an extensive library and masterpieces of painters Raphael, Rubens and Van Dyck. However, soon, with the help of a successful marriage with an American millionaire, one of the dukes restored their former wealth. Today the 11th Duke of the Marlborough Dynasty lives in the east wing of the palace with his family. Other interiors are open to tourists. Particularly close attention is drawn to the exhibition of objects belonging to the famous Prime Minister of England Winston Churchill, the heir to the local dukes, who was born and married in this very palace.

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Topic: Blenheim Palace in the UK.Blenheim Palace in the UK

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