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ImageThe name Houghton Hall is a palace located in the British county of Norfolk. This building was specially built for Robert Walpole, who was the UK's first prime minister. For a long time, this was his official residence. Construction on Houghton Hall lasted from 1722 to 1735. Three architects were engaged in the arrangement of the building, some of the best in their time. Colin Campbell designed the overall design of the building, James Gibbs designed the domes that crown several of the building's spiers, and William Kent designed lavish interiors that rivaled the richness of furnishings and finishes that rivaled the most famous buildings such as Blenim Palace, the residence of the Duke of Marlborough. In England and throughout the world, Houghton Hall is known as one of the most famous art galleries. The fact is that the first owner of the estate, Robert Walpole, was an avid art collector and even planned his mansion so that it would be more convenient to store works of art there. Here he brought all the rare paintings that were previously kept in his London homes. The son of Prime Minister Horace Walpole was sensitive to his father's hobby and did everything to preserve his collection, even created a special catalog of paintings. However, already the grandson of Robert Walpole, in connection with a difficult financial situation, decided to sell the painting collection. The buyer was the Russian Empress Catherine II, who immediately took the collection, transported it to Russia and on its basis established the State Hermitage Museum, which exists to this day. Today Houghton Hall is owned by the Marquis Chumley, who is fond of collecting tin soldiers and battle painting. A collection of his works can be admired on the territory of the estate.

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