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The Violet Mine in Finland

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The Amethyst Mine is the only operating mine in Europe open to tourists. The mine is located at the top of the Lampivaara mountain, which is ascended by a funicular.

Amethyst is considered a"Lapland stone"; jewelry made from it is very popular with local people. The stone of various shades of purple, according to ancient legends, has magical and healing properties. The extraction of this stone in this mine is carried out by hand using very simple tools. Visitors can not only watch the process, but also take part in it. In addition, for a certain fee, you can purchase shares of the mine and get the right to independently mine amethyst once a year. Also here you can buy a gem, according to legend, it will be one of the best talismans protecting the health of its owner.

There is also a grinding workshop at the mine, where the stone is processed, sorted and selected. The best gems are sent to the city of Luosto, where they are made into jewelry, which are then sent to local shops.

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Topic: The Violet Mine in Finland.The Violet Mine in Finland

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