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Hallstatt Salt Mine in Austria

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The Hallstatt Salt Mine is located above the city of Hallstatt. Their age is more than three thousand years. Ancient people, mining here salt, supplied it to other countries, due to which the region flourished.

Since the salt mines are very ancient, here you can find traces of different eras from the early Iron Age to the Celts etc. A man preserved in salt was found in the mines.

Salt mines are still functioning, but the methods of extraction and transportation of salt have changed, and today they are automated. In the Middle Ages, salt was mined by cutting it out of dry rock. Since 1595, salt began to be dissolved and delivered to the city of Ebensee through the oldest pipeline in the world. But the most progressive method of salt extraction today is the method of drilling.

In addition to salt extraction, excursions for tourists are held in caves. During the excursions, small films are shown about how salt layers were created, how ancient people mined salt and about the change in the methods of its extraction. At the end of the excursion, tourists are taken out of the cave by a small train through a narrow tunnel, through which salt was previously taken out.      

Since the caves are very cold (about 0 0 C) tourists are given overalls for free.

In order to get to the salt caves, you need to climb the funicular or walk alone along one of the three paths leading to the caves.  

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Topic: Hallstatt Salt Mine in Austria.Hallstatt Salt Mine in Austria

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