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Willow Man in Great Britain

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ImageThe Willow Man (also known as the Twig Man or Angel of the South) is a fairly large outdoor sculpture near Bridgewater in the English southwestern county of Somerset, near the M5 interchange. The 12-meter-high sculpture was invented by Serena de la Hey, and she gained wide popularity mainly due to its unusualness, because the human figure is really made of willow twigs, fastened together with a metal frame. The South West Arts organization commissioned this sculpture in honor of the Year of the Artist, and it was inaugurated in 2000. The Willow Man is a symbol of the millennium, designed to reveal the great ecological role of a tree such as willow, as well as its importance for crafts in the Somerset Plains. Perhaps the main problem of this sculpture is its fragility and fragility. So, already in 2001, as a result of an act of vandalism, the willow figure was almost completely burned down, but the author patiently restored it, only now a ditch was dug around in order to avoid new attempts to spoil the work of art. And in 2006, the figure had to be restored again, as the surrounding birds decided that the willow twigs, from which the sculpture was made, were not bad material for nests, and significantly spoiled the Willow Man. ImageImage

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Topic: Willow Man in Great Britain.Willow Man in Great Britain

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