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Zollverein Mine in Essen, Germany

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The Zollverein mine, located in the northern part of Essen, is the most popular tourist attraction in the city. Since 2001, the mine has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Previously, the mine was one of the most productive in the country. After shutting down the mine, the government decided to transform it into an industrial open-air museum, which also houses several museums – Museum of Ceramics Margaretenh & ouml; h, Museum of the Ruhr Region, Museum of the Coal Route and an exhibition of contemporary art.

In 1847, a coal seam was found on the site where the mine is today, after which work began on the construction of the mine. The customer was Johann Franz Hanil, and the engineer Josef Ertgen was appointed as the head of the work. The first coal mining was carried out already in 1851. Several coke ovens were built six years later. Over the course of a hundred years, coke output from the mine continued to increase every year.

New Bauhaus-style buildings were built in 1932. The architects were Fritz Schup and Martin Kremer, who thought over their project to the smallest detail. During the Second World War, the mine was practically not damaged. In 1986, work in the mine ceased due to depletion of the rock, and seven years later the lights in the coke ovens were extinguished.

The new building built on the territory of the complex after its closure is" concrete cube '', the main feature of which is – randomly located windows of different sizes. Today the building houses an art school of design.

The largest above-ground building of the complex – building for collection, sorting and storage of coal. It currently houses an exhibition hall. You should definitely visit the Museum of the Ruhr Region, where exhibits telling about the history of the Ruhr and the processes of coal formation are presented to visitors. In the design center of North Rhine – Westfalia, housed in a former boiler house, displays over a thousand different design items. It is also recommended to visit the exhibition `` Ilya Kabakov's Projects Palace ''. In the ceramics museum 'Margaretenh & ouml; h' there are many wonderful products,

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Topic: Zollverein Mine in Essen, Germany.Zollverein Mine in Essen, Germany

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