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Nasijarvi in lake Finland

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ImageNasijarvi is a lake in southwestern Finland, the largest in the Tampere region. Lake area - 256 sq. km, depth - 58 meters. The lake has a drain in the south, into Lake Pyhajarvi. There the lake is regulated by a dam. Here timber transportation and shipping are carried out. Lake Nasijarvi is divided into three water areas: Kolyonselka, Nasiselka and Vankavesi. The southern part of the lake is open and wide waters with almost no islands; in the northern part of the islands there are more. The coastline is winding, the banks are very high, covered with coniferous forests. Lake waters are slightly colored with an admixture of humus. In winter, Nasijarvi is completely covered with ice. During this time, the lake becomes a popular destination for Nordic walking, skiing or hiking. There is a small rocky islet on the lake with a lighthouse, which is often visited by excursions and hikes. Cruise ships always run on the waters of the lake. Nasijarvi, among other things, is one of the most popular fishing enthusiasts in the country. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Nasijarvi in lake Finland.Nasijarvi in lake Finland

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