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Paijanne in Finland

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ImagePaijanne is the second largest lake in Finland. It is located in the southern part of the country, 100 kilometers from Helsinki. The lake is located in the Paijanne National Park. It is the deepest lake in Finland, with a depth of just over 95 meters. The lake of glacial-tectonic origin has a shape elongated from south to north. Through the Kymijoki River, the lake flows into the Gulf of Finland. Its coastline is heavily indented. There are 1886 islands on the lake, the largest of which are Virmailansaari, Salonsaari, Yudinsalo, Onkisalo, Paatsalo, Muuratsalo, Haukksalo, Vuoritsalo, Edessalo and Taivassalo. The lake is connected to Helsinki by an underground aqueduct - the Paijanne aqueduct. This is how the city is supplied with water. In 1993, the Keitele-Paijanne canal was built to connect Lake Paijanne with Lake Keitele. Thus, a 450 km long navigable route was created. Five locks were built on it. The cruise ship"Suomen Suvi" carries out communication through the canal. On Lake Paijanne, shipping, fishing and tourism are actively developing. Many of the lake islands with pristine nature and beautiful coasts form the Paijanne National Park. ImageImage

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