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Lake Schluchsee in Germany

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Lake Schluchsee is a reservoir in the south of the Black Forest in Germany. The largest lake in the city. The natural lake of glacial origin is now expanded, but retains its original appearance. Previously, the level of the lake was 30 meters lower, but now its depth reaches 61 meters in the deepest place. The lake is filled with the waters of the Schwarz and Rhine rivers using pumps from a pumped storage station. The reservoir dam is located at an altitude of 930 meters and is thus the highest dam in Germany. The community of the same name is located on the northern bank of the reservoir.

Due to its location, the reservoir has rather cool water. Schluchsee is popular with sailing enthusiasts because it is accessible from all directions, unlike other waters. Sometimes nudists are found on the beaches of the coast. There are many hiking trails around the lake.

The most notable object, of course, is the dam. Built in 1929-1932, the concrete dam was about 64 meters high. Subsequently, the water level in the lake was reduced. At the same time, the remains of an ancient boat were discovered, stored today in the archaeological museum of Constanta. In 1983, almost all of the lake's water was drained. This event suspended the usual resort regime, however, attracted many visitors, as it became possible to inspect the rudiments of the old infrastructure. And today there are conflicts over the water level in the lake.


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Topic: Lake Schluchsee in Germany.Lake Schluchsee in Germany

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