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Lake Konigssee in Germany

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Lake Konigssee is a German lake of a characteristic elongated shape, located in the southeast of Bavaria and surrounded by high mountains. The lake, included in the Berchtesgaden National Park, receives the waters of Lake Obersee and is the third deepest in Germany. Konigssee was formed by the melting of glaciers. The vicinity of the lake and it itself attracts the attention of tourists.

Lake Konigssee is famous as the cleanest lake in Germany, therefore only rowboats, boats with an electric motor, or with a pedal drive are allowed to move on the waters of the lake ... Walks and excursions along the lake are traditionally accompanied by a demonstration of a mountain echo: it is customary to stop and blow a pipe. On the western shore of the lake is the Church of St. Bartholomew, a tourist attraction, subject of interest of pilgrims. On the north side of the coast there is a bobsleigh track where official competitions are held. Also in the northern part of the lake there is an island, the only one here. A statue of Jan Nepomuk, a grotto and some other buildings were installed on it in 1711. A branch of the Dachau concentration camp operated in the vicinity of the lake.


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Topic: Lake Konigssee in Germany.Lake Konigssee in Germany

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