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Trafalgar Square in the UK, London resort

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Trafalgar Square is one of the main attractions of London. Located at the intersection of three central streets   Westminster - Whitehall, Strand and Mall and is an important transport interchange. Charing Cross Station and the metro station of the same name are nearby.

Trafalgar Square is a historically important place. It is named after the victory of the British fleet under the command of Admiral Nelson in 1805 at the Battle of Trafalgar. In the center of the square rises a column crowned with a sculpture depicting Admiral Nelson, and at the foot of the column there are bas-reliefs melted from cannons taken from the defeated Napoleon. There are four small pedestals in the corners of the square: three of them have statues of prominent British people, the fourth is empty, since the British cannot decide who is worthy to occupy it. Sometimes works of modern art are installed on an empty pedestal, but only for a while. On Trafalgar Square, demonstrations and rallies, festivities are most often held. Every year, it is here that the main New Year tree is installed, according to tradition, Norway gives it to Britain as a token of gratitude for Britain's help in liberating Norway during the Second World War.

From an architectural point of view, Trafalgar Square is a colorful but harmonious ensemble. There are St. Martin's Church, the London National Gallery, the Admiralty Arch, and foreign embassies. These buildings are made in different styles, perform different functions, but they complement each other, giving the square a unique look. In addition, flocks of pigeons have chosen the square in recent years. Urban ecologists estimate that about 35   000 pigeons are gathered in Trafalgar Square today.

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Topic: Trafalgar Square in the UK, London resort.Trafalgar Square in the UK, London resort

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