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The Strand in the UK, a London resort

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The Strand is the central street connecting the districts of London Westminster and City. Originates from Trafalgar Square, runs east parallel to the River Thames.

Aristocratic mansions overlook the Strand from the south and residences such as Somerset House. Elegant spiers among the buildings the streets are distinguished by two churches - Saint Mary le Strand and Saint Clement Danes. Also especially impressive against the backdrop of the development of Charing Cross station and the ensemble Royal Court of Justice, built in neo-gothic style. Besides Moreover, there are quite a few theaters on the Strand.
In this outstanding British people lived in the street - Thomas Carlisle, John Stuart Mill, Charles Dickens, Herbert Spencer, Thomas Henry Huxley, William Thackeray. Can compare Strand Street in Victorian times with 19th century Nevsky Prospekt, each the building here is full of meaning and meaning, each of them has its own deep history. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: The Strand in the UK, a London resort.The Strand in the UK, a London resort

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