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Old Trafford in the UK, London resort

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Old Trafford is the second largest football stadium in England. Along with Wembley Stadium, has a 5-star UEFA rating.

For Manchester United Football Club Old Trafford has been the home stadium since 1910, excluding World War II and several post-war years, at this time the club played and trained at the stadium Maine Road. In the 1990-2000s. the stadium was actively expanded, additional tiers in the West, East and North stands. In the future it is planned to build a second tier above the South Stand, which will increase the capacity stadium with up to 90   000 seats.

Semifinal matches are held at Old Trafford Stadium FA Cup matches, World and European Championships matches, Champions League matches and others. It also occasionally hosts major rugby matches.

Until 1902, the Manchester United club had a different name (Newton Hit") and played matches at the stadiums" North Road"and" Bank Street" condition: the fields were rocky and swampy. After the club was given new name, its chairman D.G.Davis allocated funds for the construction new stadium. The design and construction of the stadium was directed by the famous Scottish architect A. Leitch. By the end of 1909, construction was completed, the first game took place here in 1910. Until 1923, when there was Wembley stadium was built, all FA Cup finals were held at several different stadiums, including Old Trafford.

In 1936, a roof was finally built over the stadium, but only over the United Road podium. In the southern corners of the stadium, a roof was erected across 2 years. In the spring of 1941, during the German bombing, most of the stadium was destroyed. James Gibson, club chairman, knocked out on the War Commission compensation for damage. These funds were used to carry out the main work on clearing and the reconstruction of the stadium, however, there were not enough funds for the construction of the roof. Therefore, in 1949, the stadium reopened without a roof. She was completely restored by 1959. By this time, the modern lighting of the stadium. As a result of the changes, the stadium began to comply European standards. Soon, the massive columns supporting the roof were replaced by cantilever supports, which not only improved field visibility, but also allowed significantly expand the spectator stands. Over time, the stadium re-equipped and became more and more modern, in line with the latest trends.

In 2010, the stadium celebrated its 100th anniversary, in honor of which opened an exhibition on the history of the stadium at the Manchester United Museum. IN In 2011, a memorial was laid near the stadium's central tunnel capsule. At the 2012 Olympics, some football matches were played in this stadium.

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Topic: Old Trafford in the UK, London resort.Old Trafford in the UK, London resort

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