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Blutenburg Castle in Germany, Munich resort

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Blutenburg Castle – old hunting castle in Munich. On the one hand, it is washed by the Wurm River, on the other – two ponds. So it seems that the castle rises on an island in the middle of the water. Today the Munich International Youth Library is located in Blutenburg.
The first castle was built on this site in the 13th century. From the 30th of the 15th century, the castle was rebuilt by Duke Albert III. Blutenburg Castle is connected to Nymphenburg Castle by a `` line of sight '', a wide alley. Today, the alley is completely overgrown with trees, so that there is a direct line of sight. not. However, work is planned to restore it.
Munich residence
Munich residence historical residence of the Bavarian dukes , electors and kings, representatives of the Wittelsbach family. It is an architectural complex in the center of Munich.
The complex includes buildings created in different eras: from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. They have signs and elements of all artistic styles of these years – the strict spirituality of the Gothic is combined with baroque fantasy, the redundancy of the rococo style and the grace of neoclassical lines. The residence has ten courtyards, the palace-museum consists of 130 rooms. The Antiquarium Hall is especially noteworthy for its vaulted canopy, made in the style of the Renaissance; The Ancestors Gallery deserves special attention, which contains 121 portraits of representatives of the Wittelsbach dynasty; also interesting are the halls of the Nibelungen with images of scenes from the German epic; in addition, on the territory of the palace there is a court chapel and a personal chapel of Maximilian I. It also houses the Treasury of the Residence, which houses an amazing collection of jewelry, adornments, enamel, ivory, crystal, belonging to the Wittelsbachs; kept in the Treasury and symbols of royalty – the sword of the Duke of Bavaria and the crown of the Bavarian kings.
During the Second World War, the palace was significantly damaged. Most of the decoration of the palace was evacuated in advance,

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Topic: Blutenburg Castle in Germany, Munich resort.Blutenburg Castle in Germany, Munich resort

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