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Blue Wonder in Germany, Dresden spa

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Dresden Blue Miracle Bridge is considered the most unusual and interesting   bridge over the Elbe in the city. Since it connects Loschwitzer and Blazovitz, its official name is Loschwitzer ( Loschwitzer Bru cke).   Until 1912, the inhabitants of Germany called it the King Albert Bridge. How did the name 'Blue Miracle' come about?

At the end of the 19th century, the bridge built between Blazovitz and Loschwitz became an event in the world of engineering structures. The metal structure of the bridge   held only two supports located along the banks of the river. So the bridge turned out   almost hinged. With its parameters – span 146 meters   and length 280 meters –   it was, of course, a miracle. Another reason why   Loshvitsky bridge amazed those around – its color is blue.   Thanks to this color, the metal structure of the bridge fits perfectly into the picturesque valley of the Elbe River. In short, the new bridge was beautiful during the day – in the glow of daylight, and at night – when it came to life in the rich night light.

In 2007, Blue Wonder was nominated for the award as a Historical Symbol of German Engineering.

The name 'Blue Miracle' the bridge received already in 1893 due to the rare blue color in those days, to `` miracles '' it was numbered because of its unusual appearance, moreover, built of metal structures, had only two supports, and not in the channel, but on the banks of the river. In 2007, the bridge was nominated for the 'Historical Symbol of German Engineering' award.   During the construction, 100 thousand rivets and 3500 tons of iron were used.
Assembled from 100 thousand rivets, the Blue Miracle Bridge was used only for the passage of vehicles. Since 1895, tram lines have been additionally laid across the bridge. In 1935, sidewalks were attached to the outer sides of the frame for the safety of pedestrians. Currently, via   Blue Wonder drives 35 thousand cars daily at an average speed of   16 kilometers per hour. For safety reasons, a weight limit for crossing the bridge has been introduced   vehicles – up to 15 tons. The commission that investigated the state of the Blue Miracle set the term for its safe use in 2027. By this time, the city authorities will need to determine his future fate. In the meantime, the Blue Wonder is not only a necessary part of Dresden's infrastructure, but also one of the most remarkable sights of Dresden.

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Topic: Blue Wonder in Germany, Dresden spa.Blue Wonder in Germany, Dresden spa

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