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Hohenschwangau Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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Hohenschwangau Castle – castle in Germany, near the city of Fussen. Opposite Hohenschwangau, built under Maximilian II of Bavaria, stands Neuschwanstein Castle.

Previously, the castle was called Schwanstein and the first mention of it dates back to the XII century. It was built by the Knights of Schwangau, whose family was suppressed in the 16th century. Then the fortress began to collapse. In 1880 and 1809. during the war with Napoleon, the castle was almost completely destroyed. The future Bavarian king, and then the crown prince, Maximilian bought these dilapidated walls – he liked the area around the castle. From 1832 to 1836 restoration work was carried out, as a result of which the castle was rebuilt. The works were attended by such masters as Domenico Quaglio, Moritz von Schwind and others.

Ludwig II, son of Maximilian II, spent a lot of time in the castle and received the composer Richard Wagner here. Maria of Bavarskaya, Ludwig's mother, lived here for three years after his death. At the beginning of the 19th century, the name of the castle was changed – from Schwanstein to Hohenschwangau.

The interior of the castle is amazing. The former dining room, called the swan knight's hall, is decorated with beautiful wall paintings. There are illustrations for Wagner's operas, for the legend of the swan knight Lohengrin. The canvases were created by Lorenzo Quaglio and Mikhail Neer under the direction of Christian Ruben. The queen's sleeping quarters are designed in Turkish style, which was inspired by Maximilian's trip to Turkey. Queen Mary's living room is decorated with canvases telling the fate of the fortress and illustrating historical scenes. On the walls are the minnesinger Hiltpold von Schwangai, the last representative of the Hohenstaufen family, Prince Konradin, the reformer of the church Martin Luther, and ordinary people who lived in this fortress and took their place in its history. The Hall of Heroes is adorned with paintings depicting paintings from the Welkin saga designed by Moritz von Schwindt and executed by Glink, Giessmann, Neer and Adam. The Hohenstaufen room tells the story of the Hohenstaufen family. In addition to the painted walls, the room attracts the attention of the piano, Wagner's grand piano. Often, Richard Wagner, at the request of the king, performed here both his own and those composed by the king. The home chapel in the bay window was designed by Ludwig II himself. It contains old Russian icons, donated to Ludwig by the Russian Tsar Alexander I.

Today the castle is owned by the Wittelsbach Balance Fund. There are guided tours that tell the history of the castle and the royal family.  

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Topic: Hohenschwangau Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort.Hohenschwangau Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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