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Wurzburg residence in Germany, resort Bavaria

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Wurzburg residence – a baroque architectural complex located in the city of Wurzburg, Bavaria. It was built from 1714 to 1744. architect Baltazar Neiman. However, the interior decoration lasted until the 1780s.

Before the secularization of church lands in Germany, this palace housed the residence of the archbishops-electors. The Wurzburg residence, an example of the South German and late European Baroque, stands alongside Versailles (Paris) and Schonbrunn Palace (Vienna). UNESCO in 1981 included the residence in the list of World Heritage Sites.

The construction of the residence in Wurzburg began in 1719 under Archbishop Johann Philip Franz von Schonborn, and was completed in 1744, under Archbishop Elector Friedrich Karl von Schonborn, brother of Johann Philip.

The palace is decorated with pieces and frescoes by Giovanni Batista Tiepolo, Antonio Giuseppe Bossi, Johannes Zick. Work on the interior design took place in three stages: under Frederick Karl, paintings were created, and later, after his death, under Karl Philip von Greifenklau, the era of the magnificent `` Wurzburg Rococo '' continued. The interiors created later are made in the modest style of the era of Ludwig XVI.

The Wurzburg residence is notable for the fact that Napoleon I stayed there three times. During his reign, some of the palace premises were decorated in a neoclassical style with elements Napoleonic Empire style. During his reign, Prince Regent of Bavaria Luitpold was very concerned about improving the residence and installed the Franconian fountain in 1894.

During the Second World War, in particular, in 1945, the residence was significantly damaged during air bombing. Several halls were destroyed to the ground. However, the central part of the buildings, with all the decorative design, survived. The restoration of the Wurzburg residence began in 1960-1970. and lasted right up to 2006. Now the residence has a permanent exhibition telling not only about the history of the castle, but also about the history of restoration work.

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Topic: Wurzburg residence in Germany, resort Bavaria.Wurzburg residence in Germany, resort Bavaria

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