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ImageElthorp is a family estate owned by the Earl of the Spencer family. It is located in the British county of Northamptonshire. From 1953 to this day, the estate is open to visitors, but not all year round, but only two summer months - July and August. At the beginning of the 16th century, this territory was bought by the Spencer family, which has owned it ever since (the current owner is the 9th Earl Spencer Charles). Elthorp was originally built of red brick, then it could be attributed to the Tudor style. Later the house was almost completely rebuilt by the architect Henry Holland. The inner chambers are decorated with a large number of paintings by famous artists, as well as antiques collected by the Spencer family. It is interesting that at one time there was even a separate railway station in Elthorp, which was abolished in 1960. It was on this estate that one of the most famous representatives of the family, Princess Diana, was born, who became the wife of Prince Charles. Here, on a small island in the middle of the lake, she was buried after the tragic death of the princess in 1997. So for many of Diana's fans, the Elthorp estate is an iconic place. ImageImageImageImage

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