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Royal Courtyard of Great Britain, London Resort

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The Royal Court of Justice London is the highest civil court in Great Britain and also a building with impressive neo-Gothic architecture. This is a whole complex of buildings that are located in the center of the city on Strand Street.

The courthouse was built in the late 19th century by a former lawyer George Edmund Street. Now the building is protected by the state, it has been given the status of a monument of Victorian architecture.

The Royal Courtyard is a unique attraction, which is both a functioning court and a museum. Walking along it, you can see old interior items that emphasize the inviolability of English traditions. The Temple of Themis carefully preserves history. It is dominated by aristocratic slowness and seriousness, although it is possible that tourists may also hear jokes about the local judicial system. In particular, the words of one English lawyer, who said that the defendant in the English court is considered innocent exactly until it is discovered that he is Irish.

The Royal Court is considering civil claims. Among them there are those that are of great public interest. So it was in the Royal Court of Justice that Paul McCartney's divorce case was studied for three years. This explains the large gathering of journalists who are on duty outside the court hoping to meet the news bulletins.

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Topic: Royal Courtyard of Great Britain, London Resort.Royal Courtyard of Great Britain, London Resort

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