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Victoria Embankment, UK, London Resort

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Victoria Embankment is a waterfront in London, one of the most popular and beloved by townspeople and tourists places for walks along the Thames and recreation. At a distance of several meters from each other, many benches, sitting on which you can admire the picturesque views of the river. The embankment begins from Westminster Bridge, and ends at the bridge Blackfriars.

The embankment was built in 1865-1870. Supervised by one of the best English engineers in England of the XIX century - Joseph William Basalgett. The first and main reason for the creation of the embankment at that time was the need providing London with a modern sewage system. Also, the Strand and Fleet Street needed a lot of traffic relief. During construction, the river was somewhat narrowed, private houses located on the coastal strip. Tunnels were laid under the embankment, became part of one of the lines of the London Underground. Along the embankment were two large and beautiful public gardens are laid out, where today you can find many sculptures and monuments (including the monument to Sir Basalgett). On the the area between Waterloo Bridge, Gardens, Charing Cross Station is a large stage, where various concerts are often held.

Ships are permanently moored at the Victoria Embankment Wellington and President. On the embankment there is also an obelisk"Cleopatra's Needle" usually enjoying the same interests of tourists. Obelisk surrounded by sphinxes, is a 180-ton structure, 18 meters. There is a small shop under the Hengerford Bridge -"kiosk Cleopatra". At night, the embankment is illuminated by ancient lanterns, the bases of which decorated with sculptural images of sturgeons, which, as legends say, used to be found in the Thames.

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Topic: Victoria Embankment, UK, London Resort.Victoria Embankment, UK, London Resort

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