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UK Piccadilly Circus, London resort

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Piccadilly Circus - a square in Westminster, created in 1891 year as a junction between Piccadly and Regent Streets. Later another street appeared - Shaftesbury Avenue.

The main attractions of Piccadilly Circus are the statue reminiscent of the significant contribution to the development of the city of the Victorian philanthropist the era of Lord Shaftesbury. The statue, created by the sculptor A. Gilbert, was installed in 1892. The monument depicts Anteros and symbolizes the mature love, as opposed to the frivolity of Eros. If the public is familiar with Eros, then few people know about his younger brother Anteros, so the explanation of the monument remained incomprehensible and did not gain popularity. And today, mostly the statue is believed to represent Eros.

In addition, since 2007, the Piccadilly Circus has been home to a museum Cupids of London dedicated to love.

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Topic: UK Piccadilly Circus, London resort.UK Piccadilly Circus, London resort

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