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Alexandra Palace in the UK, London resort

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Alexandra Palace -"Alexandra's Palace", cultural and entertainment complex of the Victorian era, located in the north London. Today in a large architectural and park complex there are congress center, exhibition hall and indoor ice rink.

The idea of building a kind of"people's palace" was born in 1860. The place was marked immediately, and already in 1863 the construction of Alexander Park began, named in honor of the marriage of the Prince of Wales to the princess Alexandra. A separate railway line was built to the park.

The People's Palace itself, organically combining elements neo-gothic, neo-renaissance and modern engineering innovations, was discovered through ten years. Just 16 days after the grand opening, the palace burned to the ground. During the fire, several employees died, was destroyed a collection of rare porcelain brought to the exhibition.

Alexandra Palace was restored in 1875. The updated the state of the art palace complex included museum expositions, a library, lecture hall, swimming pool, racetrack, small Japanese-style houses, a pond and golf course.

From those years until today, a concert hall with a large organ and an archaic stage for modern conditions. At the end of the 20th century Alexandra Palace has become a very popular concert venue, for example, namely here in 1996 Robbie Williams presented the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Since 1936, a TV tower has been included in the Alexandra Palace complex, it was from here that the world famous BBC channel began its broadcasting.

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Topic: Alexandra Palace in the UK, London resort.Alexandra Palace in the UK, London resort

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