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London Eye in the UK, London Resort

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The London Eye is one of the largest and most famous wheels world surveys; located in London, on the south bank of the River Thames. From high approximately 45 floors (135 meters) offers an amazing view of the entire city. IN clear weather can be seen Windsor, which is more than an hour from the city center drive.

The Ferris wheel was designed by the spouses-architects By David Marks and Julia Barfield. With my wheel building project survey in the very center of the city, they participated in the competition for the development a monumental building to welcome the new millennium from Sunday newspaper Times. However, the project did not win and the spouses, without waiting for the customer, decided bring it to life on your own. Funding was taken over by their neighbor Bob Elling, head of British Airways.

According to the original plan, the London Eye was supposed to be a temporary structure, a short-term experiment. Permission given to the project was completed by the city administration in 2005.

The Ferris wheel was built from segments delivered on barges on the Thames and assembled on special platforms right on the river in "Lying" position. When the wheel was finished, it was placed in a vertical position using a special system. The weight of steel in the London Eye is about 1,700 tons.

The Ferris wheel has 32 capsule cabins for passengers, completely enclosed and air-conditioned, made in the shape of an egg. Each capsule symbolizes the suburbs of London, weighs ten tons and seats 25 passengers. The Ferris wheel rotates at a constant speed of 26 centimeters per second, one complete revolution takes half an hour. This speed allows passengers calmly enter and exit the capsule. The wheel only stops if boarding and disembarking are performed by elderly people or people with disabilities opportunities.
Wheel view firmly supported by spokes and looks like a large bicycle wheel. The lighting was replaced in 2006 by LED, which allows it shine brighter. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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