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St James's Palace in the UK

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ImageOne of the oldest palaces in London is St James's Palace. The palace is located in the northern part of St. James's Park, Pall Mall street will lead you to it. The building of the royal residence was erected in the middle of the 16th century by Henry VIII, earlier on this site there was a leper colony, the hospital of St. Jacob. St James's Palace has long been the second royal residence after Whitehall. After Whitehall was destroyed by a fire in 1698, St James's Palace assumed the burden of official residence. The modest building, made of red brick in the Tudor style, became home to a number of rising royal persons of the Hanoverian dynasty. The first queen to give birth to children here was Maria Henrietta. After Queen Victoria's accession to the throne in 1837, the royal residence was moved to Buckingham Palace. Since then, St James's Palace has not been popular with royal families. At the moment, the palace is considered a working residence, although the queen does not live in it. Now the Queen's relatives live in the palace - Princess Anne, Princess Alexandra and the noble lady Ogilvie. The residence actively participates in the life of the state - official visits and ceremonies and events are held here. St. James's Palace is an important city attraction, where the monarchs are so close to the people that there is no fence around the residence building, you can even look into the windows of the palace. However, the palace is closed to the public. Examining St. James's Palace, you can not only admire the beautiful building, but also see a popular sight among tourists - the changing of the royal guard, consisting of royal guards in red uniforms and recognizable bear hats.

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Topic: St James's Palace in the UK.St James's Palace in the UK

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