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Millennium Dome in the UK, London Resort

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The Millennium Dome is a large circular building created by specially for the Millennium Experience exhibition, timed to coincide with the offensive third millennium and open to the public from January 1 to December 31, 2000 of the year. Located on the Greenwich Peninsula.

The building was built on the initiative of Michael Hezltein, Deputy Prime Minister of Great Britain, who proposed his idea in 1995. He thought, that a building with a diameter of more than three hundred meters and a height of 50 meters would be ideal a place to meet the new millennium. Also, the Deputy Prime Minister was sure that the Dome will bring huge sums of money to the country's treasury, increase the prestige of Great Britain in the world. Construction, which began in 1996, was carried out under his close supervision and leadership.

The project of the exhibition and the building was criticized, forecasts for the expected number of visitors has not been fulfilled, and therefore financial Problems. Today this exhibition, of course, no longer exists, the Millennium Dome is a part of a shopping and entertainment complex.

The Millennium Dome along with the Chinese Wall is visible from space. Its circumference is about a kilometer to get around the building, it will take at least 15 minutes. The total area occupied by the building is 8 hectares. On such a piece of land, two large stadiums would easily fit.

The most striking element of the Dome is the roof, which represents a complex white structure, supported by a dozen lattice masts, each of which reaches a height of 100 meters. Cables hang from the masts, more than 70 kilometers long, which support the roof and give it shape.

The Millennium Dome, despite little success in opening, became popular. There were many applications from different companies for further development of the project and use of the building. Today an amazing building enters entertainment center.

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Topic: Millennium Dome in the UK, London Resort.Millennium Dome in the UK, London Resort

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