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Old Bailey Central Court in Great Britain, London Resort

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Old Bailey Central Court, or as it is also called - Central UK Criminal Court, located in the center of London on the eponymous street. The court was built on the site of the medieval Newgate Prison, which has functioned here for seven centuries. The prison was destroyed in the middle 17th century due to the Great Fire and after a while began here perestroika.

Both prison and court are very famous. In the confinement of Newgate Prison were such famous personalities such as Casanova and the writer Daniel Defoe, and in a modern building the courts pass sentences to all important English criminals.

At first, the Old Bailey was used for meetings of the Lord Mayor with the city sheriffs. Court sessions were open in nature, there was a courtyard near the building, built to prevent the spread of disease. Lawsuits attracted many spectators, because public executions took place right in front of the building. In the 18th century around the ships decided to build a barrier from the annoying onlookers, which immediately became cause of the large-scale spread of typhoid fever, which claimed the lives of two judges and the Lord Mayor himself.

After that construction was carried out already at the turn of the 18-19 centuries, and the court got a second hall for meetings. In total, since the beginning of the work of the court at the end of the 17th century and until its last reconstruction at the Old Bailey, more than a hundred court cases were heard. In the 19th century, the institution changed its structure, becoming the Central Criminal by the court. Since then, it has dealt with cases that are not only related to the City area, but also throughout England.

Modern building Old Bailey court took shape in the early 20th century. Its extraordinary appearance attracts tourists to this day. Above the main entrance to the court is located an iconic sign that reads:"Protect the Poor Children and Punish the Wicked." The building is crowned with a dome decorated with a statue of the Goddess of Justice, unwritten laws with the left hand holds the scales, and the right - the sword. The author of the sculpture is the British master F.W. Pomroy.

During the Second World War II, the historic building was partially destroyed, restored in the 50s. Since then, paintings by stories from the Blitzkrieg era, images of St. Paul's Cathedral and biblical quotes. On the ground floor of the building, you can find an exhibition dedicated to the history of the court and whole Newgate.

The Old Bailey Court retained many traditions. Thus, court sessions can be open to spectators, and by the judges here are still referred to as"Lord" and"Lady".

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Topic: Old Bailey Central Court in Great Britain, London Resort.Old Bailey Central Court in Great Britain, London Resort

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