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Schleissheim Palace in Germany, Munich resort

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Schleissheim Palace – a baroque palace and park ensemble near Munich, formerly one of the residences of the Wittelsbach family. Initially, the Schleissheim manor was built on this site, founded in 1597 by Duke Wilhelm V. It was an ordinary manor with adjacent farm buildings and a small church. In 1616, the estate became the property of Elector Maximilian I. In 1617, he rebuilt the estate into a palace designed by the architect Heinrich Schon the Elder between 1616 and 1623.
Since the reign of Maximilian II Emanuel, a new chapter begins in the development of the palace. Under him, the Lustheim Palace was built, an example of a house - a `` casino '' in the Venetian spirit. It was the first secular building whose ceiling was decorated with frescoes.
After 1700, a monumental new palace was erected, – a sample of the `` small versailles '' built in the 18th century by German rulers. Stucco molding, ceiling painting, furniture – an example of the splendor and luxury of the time. The old palace was significantly destroyed during the Second World War, but was soon restored.
The gallery of the palace displays Baroque paintings belonging to the Bavarian State collection of paintings. The exhibition includes canvases by such artists as the Flemish Rubens, van Dyck, Italians Reni, Giordano, Saraceno, Dolci and Cortona, the Germans Sandrart, Schoenfeld, Lot and the Spaniards Cano and de Ribera.
Schleissheim Palace stands in the middle of a baroque garden, one of the few preserved in Germany. Two landscape architects contributed to the creation of a garden with canals, groves, a flower garden and waterfalls - – Enrico Zuccalli and Dominique Girard.


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