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Tegel Palace in Austria, Berlin resort

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Tegel Palace – a palace located in the area of the same name. Has a second name – Humboldt Palace. It is the most remarkable building in the area. Today, the Heinz family lives in the palace, direct descendants of Humboldt. The park surrounding the palace adjoins Lake Tegel.

The Renaissance manor was built here in 1558. It was soon rebuilt into a hunting lodge by order of the Elector Friedrich Wilhelm. In 1777, the palace passed into the possession of the Humboldt family, becoming their ancestral home. More than one generation of this family has lived here. In 1820-1824 the palace was reconstructed by order of Wilhelm von Humboldt. Karl Friedrich Schinkel, under whose leadership the reconstruction of the building took place, gave it the features of classicism.

The palace is surrounded by a park founded by the Humboldt's home teacher in 1777-1789. Since 1802, Wilhelm von Humboldt himself has been organizing the park. Karl Friedrich Schinkel laid the Humboldt family vault in the park. The remains of all the Humboldts are buried here, including Alexander and Wilhelm. The park was taken under state protection as a historical monument in 1983.


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Topic: Tegel Palace in Austria, Berlin resort.Tegel Palace in Austria, Berlin resort

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