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Semperoper in Germany, Dresden spa

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The building of the opera house in Dresden – Semperopers – is one of the most unique architectural monuments in Germany. The Semperoper is part of the Zwinger museum complex, one of the most beautiful places in the Saxon capital.

The building was first built in 1838-1841. Gottfried Semper, a brilliant German architect. In a short time this opera house became known as the most beautiful theater in Europe. He gathered the most sophisticated audience and delighted in beautiful performances. But there was a fire, and in 1878 the Dresden Opera House had to be rebuilt again. The new building was designed by Semper in the Renaissance style using the finest examples of antique architecture. Within the walls of this theater there were premieres of Richard Wagner's creations. Semperoper's fame grew rapidly. But a new fire in 1869 almost completely destroyed this building too. Work on the construction of the last   the buildings were led by Semper's son Manfred, as his father was in exile for participating in the democratic uprising. The third building of the Semperoper is being rebuilt in the Renaissance style   with all the pomp, grace and richness of decorative elements. The third building of the opera house was crowned with an open dome, decorated with gold and statues of Apollo, Marsyas and the Three Graces. At the top of the dome, they installed   chariot drawn by panthers. Drive this chariot   Dionysus and Ariadne. The interior of the Semperoper is no less beautiful and unique than its exterior.

The last building successfully existed until the Second World War, until it was destroyed by numerous   aerial bombardment. Reconstruction 1977-1985 was intended to restore the previous appearance of Semperoper   and, at the same time, use the advanced achievements of modern architecture. Weber's opera was performed at the official opening of the restored building, and the opera house continued its creative life. Sound connoisseurs believe that the acoustic parameters of the current Semperoper are close to those of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

The Semperoper building is located on Teatralnaya Square off the Elbe, next to the rest of the beautiful buildings of the Zwinger ensemble. The sculpture of a chariot with ancient gods on the dome of the opera is made by   Johannes Schilling. The same sculptor created an expressive statue of King Johann of Saxony. It was installed in the square in front of the opera house in 1889, and still attracts the attention of a large number of tourists.


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Topic: Semperoper in Germany, Dresden spa.Semperoper in Germany, Dresden spa

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