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Ampere Bridge in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort

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The Ampera Bridge is located in the province of South Sumatra, in Palembang, is the main attraction of the city and connects the Seberang Ulu and Seberang Ilir districts. The Ampere Bridge project was developed during the time of Sukarno. The first president wanted the bridge built with the help of reparation funds received from Japan to become, no more, no less, the"second Tower Bridge." The construction was carried out by Japanese specialists, however, Indonesia could not surpass the British. Opened in the fall of 1965, it was decided to name the bridge Bung Karno, but this did not bring happiness to the president: a few hours after the inauguration of the bridge, an uprising broke out, which resulted in the death of many of Sukarno's associates and his dismissal from his post.

The original design of the Ampere Bridge assumed the possibility of breeding, However, in practice, the bridge was pulled up only a few times: the opening of Ampere took about 30 minutes, which caused significant delays in shipping, and, according to independent experts, Ampere was built on a muddy bottom without a proper foundation, which led to deformation of the entire structure. In the 90s of the 20th century, the fears were confirmed and the bridge, in order to avoid accidents, was officially forbidden to open, and also balanced with special ballast weights. Despite its unfortunate history, the Ampere Bridge is loved by the city's residents and is a popular tourist attraction, perhaps because it offers truly beautiful and breathtaking views of Palembang.

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Topic: Ampere Bridge in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort.Ampere Bridge in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort

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