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Pagaruyung Palace in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort

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Pagaruyung Palace is located in the province of West Sumatra, near the city of Batusangkar, and is a popular tourist landmark, as well as a cultural heritage site of Indonesia. Pagaruyung was once the main palace dating back to the 14th century a powerful kingdom, after which it was named. Originally a palace located on the top of Mount Batu Patah and was known far beyond kingdom with its unusual appearance: a three-story building made of wood with 72 columns supporting a gable roof, consisting of three in series diminishing elements, shaped like the wings of a bat, looked extraordinarily impressive against the background of the mountain. Pagaruyung lasted until 1804 years, after which, during a series of bloody riots, he was set on fire and Suffered. Soon the palace was restored, and for another 162 years Pagaruyung stood intact and safety, but then burned down again, this time to ashes.

The decision to reconstruct, or rather, create a copy historically significant object, was accepted in 1976, and after four the palace-museum opened its doors to visitors. The next time it became traditional for the former royal chambers, the disaster happened in 2007: in as a result of a lightning strike, the palace caught fire. Not only the building itself was lost, but also most of the unique collection of artifacts, only 15% of which remained relatively unharmed and migrated to other museums and palaces (risk the fourth time the remnants of the cultural heritage, apparently, did not dare). The second the reconstruction of Pagaruyung cost $ 1.7 million and took six years. The grand opening attended by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono himself - the president of the country, happened in the fall of 2013. Currently, the palace is a kind of attraction for tourists and to some extent a museum, since together with the building, burnt furniture, objects art, as well as famous luxurious interiors.

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Topic: Pagaruyung Palace in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort.Pagaruyung Palace in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort

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