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Radcliffe Observatory in the UK, Oxford Resort

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ImageThe Radcliffe Observatory is an astronomical laboratory that operated at the University of Oxford in 1773-1934. It is also often called the Oxford Observatory. Since 1934, the observatory has been located in a new location - in Pretoria, South Africa. The observatory was built in 1772-1294. at the expense of the doctor John Radcliffe, in whose honor it got its name. The idea of building the observatory belongs to Thomas Hornsby, who in 1769 from his apartment. Located not far from the future observatory, he observed the passage of Venus along the solar disk through a telescope. The observatory was designed by James Wyeth, who was guided by the ancient tower of the winds in Athens. At the beginning of the 20th century, conditions for observing space were poor, so it was decided to move the observatory to another place where the astroclimate is more favorable. In 1934, the building was sold, and the observatory itself was transported with all the equipment to South Africa. The old observatory building is today used by Green Templeton University College as its central building. The main directions of the observatory's research are the observation of the motion of planets, comets and binary stars; astronomical navigation for the training of sailors; meteorological observations carried out from 1774 to 1935 three times a day. ImageImageImage

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Topic: Radcliffe Observatory in the UK, Oxford Resort.Radcliffe Observatory in the UK, Oxford Resort

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