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Zijinshan Observatory in China, Nanjing Resort

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This observatory is located in the Purple Mountains, at an altitude of 267 meters. The round roofs of the buildings, surrounded by vegetation, are visible from almost anywhere in the city.

This observatory is the oldest in new China. Its construction was completed in 1928, but it did not start working until 1934. It is still one of the most famous and largest laboratories in China.

The new observatory quickly became famous for its valuable books , rare equipment and interesting architecture. Then there were 2 mirror telescopes, which were considered the best equipment of those times. They are still stored here, although the observatory is now equipped with the latest equipment.

The museum, located on the territory of the observatory, displays ancient Chinese astronomical instruments.

In front of the museum, there is an Allar Sphere, which is designed to determine the ecliptic and equatorial coordinates of celestial bodies. This area – An exact copy of the one that was created during the Ming dynasty.

Many asteroids, 30 stars and 4 comets were discovered in this observatory.

You can get into the building on foot or take a ride on the cable car.


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Topic: Zijinshan Observatory in China, Nanjing Resort.Zijinshan Observatory in China, Nanjing Resort

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