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New garden in Germany, Potsdam spa

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New Garden is a vast (102.5 hectares) park area located in the north of the city of Potsdam. The Holy Lake and the Jungfernsee lake are located very close to the park. In 1787, King Frederick Wilhelm II gave the order to arrange the garden on the territory of the garden, which was newly acquired from a merchant. Even before his accession to the throne, being the crown prince, he managed to significantly increase this territory by adding vineyards and orchards to it.

The garden was named New for a reason. Friedrich Wilhelm II envisioned this park not to resemble the old-fashioned baroque ornamental gardens or the vegetable-planted utilitarian gardens of Sanssouci. Modern garden architecture dictated new requirements, and the king chose an English park as a model, which is seen in the principality of Anhalt-Dessau. A gardener from this principality was supposed to bring the idea to life – Johann August Eiserbeck.

In the 18th century, the main features of the English-style gardens were the presence of separate zones decorated with various garden and architectural details, the design was close to natural nature, the country theme was well suited.

Herds of cows peacefully grazed on the territory of the New Garden, and excellent cheeses and oils were made from their milk on a special dairy farm. The multi-colored garden houses that stood here before, which have survived to this day, fit perfectly into the garden.

In addition to trees and paths, several buildings have also become elements of the New Garden: the Marble Palace, the Palace Kitchen, the Greenhouse, the Cecilienhof palace, the Gothic style library, the Hermitage, etc. All of them, in one way or another, complement the overall impression of the garden.

Unfortunately, by 1816 the park had fallen into a somewhat wild state. Peter Joseph Lenna, who was then in the position of a humble apprentice, was entrusted to bring it into proper shape. Lenne kept some parts of the garden in their original form, but made great changes, creating a real modern English garden, spacious and elegant. Hence   beautiful views of the island of Pfaueninsel and the palaces of Glienicke, Babelsberg and Zakrov open.


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Topic: New garden in Germany, Potsdam spa.New garden in Germany, Potsdam spa

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