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Park complex Dessau-Worlitz in Germany

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Park complex Dessau-Worlitz – the most famous park complex in the style of early classicism, included in 2000 in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Since 2001, it has been included in the Blue Book, which lists the twenty most important cultural monuments of East Germany.

The park was laid out in the 18th century by order of Prince Leopold III of Anhalt-Dessau. The court architect who worked on the garden took the most famous park complexes of the 18th century as a model - Stourhead and Ermenonville.

The park complex includes the palaces and parks of Louisium, Mozigkau, Grosskunau, Georg's Garden, Anhalt Picture Gallery, Leiner Berg, Sieglitzer Berg, Worlitz and Oranienbaum. The total area of the park complex – about 142 square kilometers.

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Topic: Park complex Dessau-Worlitz in Germany.Park complex Dessau-Worlitz in Germany

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