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Treriksroset in Finland

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ImageTreriksroset is the point where the borders of Finland, Sweden and Norway cross. It is the northernmost point in Sweden and the westernmost point in continental Finland. The name of the crossing point of the borders of the three states is translated as"the cairn of the three countries." This is due to the stone memorial sign erected here in 1897 with the agreement of the governments of Russia, which then ruled Finland, and Norway. The Swedish representatives did not agree with the Norwegian Border Commission and did not recognize the border mark until 1901. The memorial sign of Treriksroset is a domed concrete artificial island of yellow color. The monument, erected in 1926, is located ten meters from the shore of Lake Goldajarvi. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Treriksroset in Finland.Treriksroset in Finland

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