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Bossa Observatory in Indonesia, Java Resort

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Bossa Observatory is located in the Indonesian province West Java, in Lembang, located 15 km from the city of Bandung, and in currently belongs to the city Institute of Technology. Her idea creation originated at the very beginning of the 20th century in the Dutch-Indian astronomical society, whose members, after a long search, found the optimal a place perfect for stargazing. This place turned out to be a site of the famous tea plantation Malabar, owned by Karel Albert Rudolph Boss, the son of the well-known physicist Johannes Boss, who allocated six hectares for the construction of the observatory. Construction and the equipment took five years, and in 1928 the Bossa Observatory began work. Research activities were carried out without interruption until the beginning of the Second World War II, and in 1959 the Astronomical Society decided to transfer observatory to the government of Indonesia, which, in turn, assigned it to local institute.

Bossa Observatory is currently equipped with four various telescopes, refractors and other necessary installations. Priority areas of research are photometry, binary stars, structure of the Milky Way, observation of the transit of exoplanets and asteroids, and See also spectral observations and imaging of the planets of the solar system.

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Topic: Bossa Observatory in Indonesia, Java Resort.Bossa Observatory in Indonesia, Java Resort

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