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Gedong Batu Temple in Indonesia, Java Resort

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Gedong Batu Temple, better known as Sam Pu-Kong, is located on the Indonesian island of Java, in the eastern part of the city of Semarang. The uniqueness of Gedong Batu lies in the combination of Buddhism and Islam, which manifests itself primarily in the architecture of the building. It is believed that Sam Pu-Kong was founded at the very beginning of the 15th century by the famous Chinese navigator, naval commander and diplomat Zheng He, who once led large expeditions, during one of which the temple was founded. Semarang being a natural harbor, could not be more suitable for the purposes of the admiral. According to the legend, Several of Zheng He's team stayed in town to keep an eye on Sam Pu-Gong.

The temple retained its original appearance until the beginning of the 18th century, when a massive earthquake caused a landslide that buried Sam Poo-Gong under a layer of rubble. Despite the extremely severe destruction, Gedong Batu still was restored after 20 years and was used for its intended purpose until the 1800s, after which, for some mysterious reason, became the property of a certain an entrepreneur of Jewish origin who bore the surname Johannes. Enterprising the businessman began to charge the local Chinese community 2000 guilders a year for the right enjoy Sam Poo-Kong. After several years of merciless extortion, the offended the Chinese stopped going to the temple and even found a new place for prayer. By After almost half a century, Gedong Batu returned to its original owners: the temple was acquired by Oei Zhe Poi - a wealthy Chinese merchant who returned Sam Pu-Kong fellow tribesmen. The return of the Chinese to Gedong Batu was accompanied by a colorful carnival. Something similar, by the way, is being held in the temple now: each On the 30th day of the sixth month according to the lunar calendar, a grandiose begins near the temple a holiday called"Dance of the Dragon". According to many authoritative travel publications, it has no analogues in Asia, and watch a colorful show many tourists come from all over the world.

Throughout its long history, the Sam Pu-Kong Temple has been fell into disrepair and was restored, the last major overhaul of the sanctuary fell on 2002-2005, since then the state of construction has been strictly monitored.

Currently, the main temple of the Sam Pu-Kong complex has dimensions 34x34 meters and the appearance of the pagoda. Entering Gedong Batu is only allowed for prayer and only adherents of Buddhism, which, however, does not upset travelers at all. You can also enjoy the architecture of the temple from outside, besides, it is very close there is a market where you can buy the most unusual in all Indonesia memorable souvenirs. The main shrines of the temple are the altar giving, as believed to be healing as well as the statue of Zheng He. Near Gedong Batu there are more several small temple premises, built much later than the main sanctuaries, the most famous of which is the pagoda dedicated to the members of Zheng He's team remaining in Semarang.

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Topic: Gedong Batu Temple in Indonesia, Java Resort.Gedong Batu Temple in Indonesia, Java Resort

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