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Ukonkivi in island Finland

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ImageUkonkivi is a small island on Lake Inari, covered with rocks. It stands out among the three thousand islands of Lake Inari because it was a sacred place for the Sami. Here sacrifices were performed. The island was named after the elder Ukko, one of the highest gods in traditional Karelian-Finnish mythology. The island is located 11 kilometers east of the village of Inari. The height of the island above sea level is 30 meters, width - 50 meters, length - 100 meters. Its area is only 0.004 sq. km. In the western part of the island there is a sacrificial cave, where in 1873 a fragment of a silver necklace was discovered by the English archaeologist Arthur John Evans. In summer, sightseeing ferries run from Inari to the island. You can also visit the Pielpayari taiga church near Ukonkivi. Here, among other things, fishing is common. Fish is one of the richest resources of the lake. The most common are trout, white fish and arctic char. Ukonkivi Island is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Council of Antiquities of Finland submitted an application to UNESCO in 1990 in the category"Culture" as a tangible evidence of an ancient civilization and as an object associated with events or traditions, ideas or beliefs. Image

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Topic: Ukonkivi in island Finland.Ukonkivi in island Finland

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