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Bernstein Fortress in Austria, Burgenland resort

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The medieval Bernstein Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Austria. The castle is located next to Lake Neusiedler See, in the western part of Austria.

According to legend, today a ghost walks around the castle, which appears in the image of Johann-Ivan, who died in 1279. The ghost has its own nicknames – `` Roaring Wolf '', `` Red Ivan ''. There is also a chance to meet in the castle `` White woman '' – the ghost of Katarina Frescobaldi, who died in the castle in 1480.

The castle was first mentioned in writing in documents dating from the 13th century, when it served as a border fortress. This fortress has witnessed a large number of battles and wars.

In 1440, the last capture of the castle by Frederick III took place. In 1892 the castle was bought by the Almazi family.

In 1953, Bernstein was turned into a hotel, and today it is owned by the Berger-Almazi family.

The interior of the castle retains a medieval flavor. The refectory in the castle is located in the ornate Knights' Hall. It should be noted that the meals served are traditionally cooked on a wood-burning stove.

Particularly noteworthy are the external fortifications of the castle, as well as the picturesque garden, where you can enjoy beautiful views while walking.

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Topic: Bernstein Fortress in Austria, Burgenland resort.Bernstein Fortress in Austria, Burgenland resort

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