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Monument to Mannerheim in Finland, Helsinki resort

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Monument to Mannerheim - an equestrian monument dedicated to the Marshal Carl Gustav Mannerheim. Located on Mannerheim Avenue in the city Helsinki.

The idea to erect a monument in honor of Marshal Mannerheim arose back in the 1920s. However, it was not implemented. To the project monument returned after the death of the marshal. The sculptor became the author of the monument Aimo Tukiainen. Inauguration of the equestrian monument to Marshal Mannerheim took place on June 4, 1960 and was timed to coincide with the 93rd anniversary of his birth. Total height of the monument, cast in bronze, including the pedestal is about 12 meters.

Marshal Mannerheim, mainly, became famous due to his victory in short but very brutal civil war in 1918. Liberation Army Finland was personified in the image of its leader Mannerheim. Look the monument did not cause any complaints: Mannerheim was supposed to be depicted on a horse. This image of the marshal was considered canonical.

The monument was planned to be installed in front of the town hall, which was going to be built on the site of today's Helsinki bus station.

To create a monument in 1938-1939. a gathering was organized funds initiated by students. Soon the Winter War began interrupted fundraising and put an end to the erection of the monument. After the next five years spent in campaigns and battles, Marshal Mannerheim himself refused to erect a monument to him. In addition, the financial situation was shaken the country that was obliged to pay indemnity to the USSR.  

Only by the 1960s. the townspeople returned to the issue of creating monument to Mannerheim. However, at that time, a wave began in Finland liberalization, in connection with which the bright image of Marshal Mannerheim, the cult whose personality reached its climax was defamed. They began to write about the marshal as about unprincipled executioner. Despite this, a monument to him was nevertheless created and opened.

Karl Gustav Mannerheim is depicted sitting on a horse, taut and wearing a 1936 uniform. He holds a marshal's baton in his hand. Equestrian statue made of bronze, and the monument is made of red granite.
Today at Finland has only nine monuments dedicated to the famous Marshal Mannerheim. ImageImageImage

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Topic: Monument to Mannerheim in Finland, Helsinki resort.Monument to Mannerheim in Finland, Helsinki resort

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